Green Built

Green Built HomesGreen Built Home is a national award winning green building initiative that reviews and certifies new homes and remodeling projects that meet sustainable building and energy standards. The program is implemented in partnership with the Madison Area Builders Association in cooperation with other participating builders associations, leading utilities and organizations that promote green building. GBH, affiliated with the NAHB National Green Building Program, is also available as a co-branded home certification.

Please go to the Green Built Home website for the most updated checklist available.

Process Begins:

Once a builder has determined they wish to have a home Green Built Home (GBH) certified, they must do three things:

1) Hire a Verifier
2) Send the completed checklist, the location of the home and the required payment to GBH and
3) Provides copies of items listed below under "Builder/Representative Provides to Verifier".


1) This must be done prior to ground breaking.
2) The complete "Pts Clm'd by Builder" report is part of the required documentation which needs to be submitted with the Verifies final checklist and notes in order to received GBH's certification

Builder/Representative Provides to Verifier - NEW HOME

  • Check List with "Pts Clm'd by Builder" completed.
  • Site Plan: provide erosion control methods & locations; indicated the limit of the site disturbance; show building footprint & driveway location
  • Architectural Floor Plans: floor plans drawn to scale & fully dimensioned; provide dimensions of roof eaves & overhangs.
  • Architectural Elevations: all elevations drawn to scale; elevations shall show proposed finished elevation of floor & roofs on all levels.
  • Architectural Cross Sections: show cross section to provide internal detail to evaluate construction techniques & materials used.
  • Product/Materials Information: provide a list of materials used for this project (e.g. paints, solvents, adhesives, etc.)
  • Verification that the home meets Focus on Energy New Homes standards

Please go the Green Built Home website for more details and updates of the program.