Home Performance Evaluation

Energy Strategies takes a “whole house” approach instead of calling it just an energy audit. We feel that once you start upgrading one area of a home, you may start to affect other areas without even knowing it. Energy Strategies evaluates several systems to ensure that you are living in a comfortable, safe, energy efficient, durable, and healthy home.

Here is the “whole house” evaluation: blower door

  • Customer interview – we will talk with you about your problems and concerns
  • Insulation evaluation – we use infrared scanning to evalute insulation levels in the walls
  • Air leakage test – a blower door stimulates a 20-25 mile per hour wind on all sides of the home to help us detect exactly where the air leakage points are
  • Mechanical equipment – we evaluate the age and current efficiency levels. We will make upgrade recommendations based on our findings
  • Windows & doors – we will examine and evaluate door and window thermal values
  • Customer interview – we will talk with you about your problems and concerns
  • Computerized home analysis – your home is evaluated using home energy rating software and receives a numerical score, based on its energy efficiency level. We also use this tool to make energy upgrades before your project is started to give you payback information
  • Improvement report – we prepare a final report that contains specific, prioritized steps, provides estimated heating and cooling costs for your home, and lists energy-saving opportunities. We also provide articles that we have collected over the years, that are specific to your home in terms of energy savings and durability.

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Additional services that you may be interested in (additional fees):

  • Combustion safety and carbon monoxide testing
  • Ductblaster testing

Energy Consulting Video


Want to learn more about what we do? Watch the 3 minute video about home energy consulting.